Instagram Profile Ideas: Changing Your Instagram Bio Fonts

Remember when it was all the rage to adorn your online profiles with marquees, bright colors, glittery text, and even embedded music? Old social media websites like MySpace made it easy to give your profile a complete overhaul that made your page look as far from the original template as possible. Now, websites have moved on from over-the-top flavor and sport clean, consistent looks. Don’t fear you won’t be able to boost your exposure on Instagram, though. Despite its very limited options for customizing your profile itself, social media savvy users are finding more ways to think out of the box (or grid) and express their individuality.

While at first glance your Instagram bio might seem like just any other space to put an “about me,” users have found interesting ways to work within the space. Here are some Instagram profile ideas that show you don’t need to limit yourself to just text.

Get Visual With Emojis

Emojis have revolutionized the way we communicate online. These fun little pictorial representations of feelings and items, a natural progression from the smiley faces from the chat programs of old, have captivated everyone from individual users to brands. Now, some brands use emojis as part of their social media strategy regularly to tell stories using visual cues.

Because of the wide selection of emojis available, you’ll definitely find some that fit your needs. One popular way to use emojis in an Instagram bio is to include some that highlight parts of your identity you want to stand out. These can be personality quirks (such as using hearts or stars to show an open and lighthearted outlook), your favorite things, or who you identify as and where you’re from (by picking from the wide selection of flags). There are practical ways to use them, too. Use arrows to direct individuals sideways or downwards towards your bio link, hashtags, or other accounts you handle. For those who want a bit of organization, they work as icons and bullet points too: letter emojis to mean e-mail, pins to mean location, and more.

Emphasize With Special Characters

What are special characters anyway? If you’ve seen Instagram bios using what look to be plain black and white illustrated icons, then you’ve come across them. The originators of emojis, special characters are different because they come innately in classic word processor programs.

To add special symbols to your Instagram profile, log in to the website on your desktop computer or laptop. From there, you can choose to edit your profile and bio. What you want to do now is open your word processor of choice—such as Microsoft Word or Notepad—and type out your new bio, symbols and special characters included. Now all you need to do is copy-paste it into the empty bio field, and you’re done! You can do the same with your display name.

If you’re not into the flashy colors in emojis, you can look for a corresponding special character and use that for your name, bio, and photo captions instead. Perfect for those going for a more toned-down, yet still embellished, look.

Change Your Instagram Bio Fonts

If you want to spruce up your profile even more, one Instagram bio hack many overlook is changing the font style of your name, bio, and even photo captions using word processors and other handy tools. This makes certain keywords pop and goes well with the overall vibe you want your profile to portray. Pairing this with strategic use of emojis or special characters adds an attractive flourish—just don’t overdo it! Try using it for just your name or a title.

First, find a website or tool of your choice. A good reason to open these up for your Instagram fonts instead of a word processor is that they have the capability of testing whether the font you choose is actually compatible with the app. is one such website, but there are plenty more out there.

Changing your Instagram font in this method is very simple. You’ll see a blank space pop up where you can write the text you want. After typing, the tool will come up with a list of fonts you can use. Just select the one you want (make sure not to go overboard) copy and paste into your bio or name, and save! It’s as easy as that.

Changing fonts may be an Instagram-unique feature, but making your profile stand out is not. Get some inspiration from Novel Coworking’s How to Become an Influencer on LinkedIn.

Another pro tip we can give, courtesy of Metricool: to capitalize on the increased attention these Instagram profile ideas can bring, take the chance and use a tool to connect multiple links to your main Instagram bio link. It bypasses the infamous platform limitation of one clickable link per profile and allows you to show off the value you bring your audience. 

If you’re going to commit to an aesthetic and aim to grab the attention of your audience, editing your Instagram profile to fit your vision is a great way to make first impressions matter. It shows you think of the little details, and paired with good mobile photo editing, ties everything up into a cohesive whole. Why not try it out for yourself?

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